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Leadership for Change

You just started working in a bank, a coporate, a university or another institution - but what you really want to achieve is making an impact? You are driven and looking for impactful solutions in your area, your institution, your sector? Then this is your opportunity to start, be and grow to become a system change leader.

The program encourages participants from diverse backgrounds to apply. It is especially well suited for young professionals with a strong drive to achieve impactful change in their future careers be it in the public, private, citizen and science sector.


The Next Generation Leadership Program

In this program, young and future professionals from the public, private, citizen and science sector come together in a semester-long journey to learn about system thinking, map out the system they are concerned with, develop collaborative strategies and solutions to improve outcomes and become Change Leaders.


The program begins with an experimental learning seminar, where you learn and apply the idea of impact economy and system thinking. During the program you engage in systemic change design in online webinars and you workshop your own concept in small teams. Finally, you take part in a seminar where you refine the proposals together. This is your starting point to become part of a community of systemic change leaders, who collaboratively tackle societal challenges within their respective organisations in the economy, public sector, civil society and science.


The Need for System Change

Many approaches in economy, policy, science and civil society today have not led to the long-term solution of today’s grand challenges like climate change, inequality or discrimination. This is in part due to the lack of systemic interventions that acknowledge the complexity and interdependence of many of those challenges. Following a global community of scientists and practitioners, we believe in the need for system thinking and system change for an economy and society that aims at positive impact for society and the planet. While social entrepreneurs and initiatives increase all across the globe, we need institutions building the right environment for them to grow. 

What you Receive

Connect to Peers

In our cohort-based program you connect with like-minded ambitious peers, who will be sparring partners and collegues in your future journey.

Strengthen Expertise & Network

 Understand how system thinking works and discuss a new path for our economy with pioneering leaders across the globe.

Be Creative & Start the Change

In interactive workshops you map the system you are operating in, understand the systemic problem and develop solutions to start acting.

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Your Journey


New Economic Thought

Learn about new systemic theories and why we need system change. Explore new approaches like Impact Investing, Disruptive Innovation or the Gemeinwohl-Economy.


System Mapping

Analyse the systemic issues in your context. Understand how actors, relationships and rules work together to form the problem and become aware of the underlying complexity.


System Leadership

Learn, reflect and challenge your individual leadership approach and develop your personal change making journey. Discuss with inspiring leaders and peers.


System Change Ideas

Building on your learnings in module 2, create new ideas on how to solve the issue at hand. Design and challenge the ideas with peers and experts.

System Change & Impact Economy -

What do we Mean?

Runde Bibliothek

Systemic Pathways

Learn how to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals within Planetary Boundaries in a report to the Club of Rome.

Image by Floriane Vita

Regenerative Finance

What are systemic issuess in the finance world and how can a new Investment Theory trigger change?

Image by Scott Graham

Purpose Firms

Explore how rethinking coporate ownership can change the system of business governance for a new economy.


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